Central Mobility and Rehab Equipment (CMRE) is proud to announce that it is under
new ownership and management. Its new leadership brings more than 20-years of
healthcare equipment purchasing and retailing experience to Tavares, along with
valuable industry and customer-centric initiatives that are likely to enhance its
brand in the community.
Central Mobility and Rehab Equipment and its role as a superior durable medical
equipment (DME) is a well-respected local business and a trusted member of the
Tavares community. Its mission supports and advocates analyzed needs that
ensure that each customer or your loved ones benefit from innovation and
remaining informed of what’s available, practical, and beneficial to each served
ACHC accredited Central Mobility and Rehab Equipment accepts most insurance
plans and regularly works with local physicians, hospices, the VA, and home health
agencies to ensure its customers with the best overall care and devices.
To make personal independence and mobility more achievable, Central Mobility
and Rehab Equipment introduced game-changing customer pickup and delivery
services for new, serviced, and repaired equipment. This unique customer-centric
service dispatches from its newly renovated, clean, beautiful, and COVID-19 safe
showroom showcases an extensive durable medical equipment selection and
inventory unlike any in the area.

Our team

Central Mobility and Rehab Equipment Team
Welcome to Central Mobility & Rehab Equipment (CMRE). We have NEW Owners
who genuinely care about servicing the medical needs of you and your loved ones.
CMRE’s NEW Management Team is here to answer questions, make
recommendations, and help you have a better quality of life by supplying all your
medical equipment needs.
We are a full-service Home Medical Equipment Supplier covering the Central/South
Area of Florida. We have the Largest Retail Showroom with a wide variety of Lift
Chairs, Scooters, Power Wheelchairs, and Power Lifts for cars/ trucks/ vans.
CMRE proudly represents The Barton Chair for ease and safe transfers of patients
who would be bed-bound otherwise. We now carry Oxygen, Nebulizers, CPAP, and
related disposables and supplies. CMRE maintains and repairs all the mobility and
rehab equipment it sells or rents utilizing a game-changing full-service mobile
delivery, pickup, and repair shop.

David Leavins, Area Manager
David Leavins, Area Manager for Central Mobility & Rehab Equipment, has been in
the Home Medical Equipment Industry for more than 30-years. He began his career
in the field as a Delivery Technician and worked every position in this industry.
Leavins bringsto CMRE 25-years of Management, Operations experience where he
learned the value of helping customers achieve a better quality of life. Leavins
possesses extensive management and operations training and is knowledgeable in
all aspects of the Home Medical Equipment Industry. David looks forward to
introducing himself to the community and applying his product knowledge
experience to achieve greater personal independence and mobility for his
customers and your loved ones.

Jeff Ray, NRRTS Certified ATP
Jeff Ray is our NRRTS certified ATP, specializing in Pediatric Complex/Custom
Manual Wheelchairs for over 25 years.

Tim Gill, RT Sales Associate
Tim Gill is our RT/ Sales Associate with more than 25-years of extensive training and
knowledge in the Respiratory/ HME field. Tim holds licensure as a Respiratory
Therapist and Sleep and Ventilation Specialist and servesthe unique needs of Adult
and Pediatric Sleep Patients.

Matt Himes, Service Director
Matt Himes is a Certified Lift Installation Professional who Services Power Complex
Wheelchairs, Custom Manual Wheelchairs, Scooters, Power Wheelchairs.

Marti Leavins, Customer Service Manager
Marti Leavins is CMRE’s Customer Service Manager. Marti possesses more than
30-years of experience in Insurance, Customer Service, Claims, Appeals, and

Robin Leibert. Power Mobility Specialist
Robin Leibert is CMRE’s Power Mobility Specialist. Robert possesses extensive
durable medical equipment experience in Sales, Billing and Customer Service.

Thomas Nix, Delivery/Service Technician
Thomas Nix is CMRE’s Delivery/ Service Technician. Thomas Delivers, Services,
Trains, and Educates in the proper use and maintenance of the Durable
Medical Equipment he delivers.

Janis Rivera, Customer Service Associate
Janis Rivera is CMRE’s Customer Service Associate. Janis possesses extensive
experience in Durable Medical Equipment-related Sales, Billing, and Customer

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