Benefits of Senior Independence and Mobility

It’s important to understand that remaining at home is critical to many people’s view of independence. As a result, very few seniors are comfortable moving out of their homes and into a care facility. A significant change of residence like this can be distressing because seniors are reluctant to part with their memories and possessions and the surroundings they have grown accustomed to being at arms reach.

Many seniors consider care facilities because they worry about getting here and there when they get older and rightfully fear they won’t continue their favorite activities, visit their places of interest and convenience, or be responsible for everyday personal tasks. Fortunately, many mobility technologies and devices exist that assist our older loved ones to extend their independence and remain longer in a familiar environment.

Mobility and #DME manufacturers are developing exciting ways to improve senior physical function following falls and hospitalization that enables older adults to recover and age in place at home.

Significant breakthroughs in comfort, application, feature enhancement, safety, and personal independence become available each year for #walkers, #wheelchairs, #scooters, and #patient #transfer #systems that far outweigh the cost of replacing older, less feature and safety-rich units.

The adoption of newer technologies and models provides seniors and the #disabled of any age with additional safety and comfort when performing daily activities and maintaining a more independent lifestyle.

#Independence is vital to the physical and mental well-being of older adults and the disabled. And, any degree of personal independence loss is discouraging to anyone, especially older adults who spent their lives living independently, working, raising families, being a spouse, and making responsible decisions.

The Benefits of Personal Independence to Seniors and the Disabled

1. Individuality | Ability to make personal choices when and where they arise
2. Purpose | Opportunity for Achievement, Contributions, and Accomplishment
3. Recognition | Independent living improves and maintains memory skills by increasing blood flow to the brain.
4. Under Control | A senior or disabled person’s control over actions, choices, and situations provides a feeling of personal achievement and worth.
5. Relationships | Independent persons are likely to communicate more in the community and develop beneficial relationships with shopkeepers, neighbors, and new friends.

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