Reevaluating Loved-One Mobility & Quality of Life

The Holidays are a great time to reevaluate your aging or disabled family members’ mobility and quality of life.  Holiday get-togethers are an excellent time to evaluate a loved one’s ability to enjoy life, experience the community, shop, entertain, socialize, and get from point A to point B without danger or hardship.

At some point in life, our aging or disabled family members may experience an illness or disability requiring assistive technologies to improve mobility and independence. Personal mobility devices provide equity for people with disabilities because they enable them to seamlessly access education, work, and social life while extending their freedom and limitless participation in their communities.

Unfortunately, personal mobility devices are complicated mechanisms that require timely maintenance and repair to keep their riders safe and unencumbered by product failures and breakdowns. Holiday gatherings are the perfect time to evaluate the need for a mobility device or confirm that existing mobility equipment is fully operational or needs repair or maintenance.

Each year, the power mobility device industry innovates its products and accessories with dozens of new features and functionality that improve comfort, usability, safety, and reliability. To help make the best scooter buying decision, seek highly-trained and experienced professionals to assist in making the best possible personalized recommendations for the mobility needs of first-time buyers and current owners replacing older and out-of-repair scooters.

Current owners of powered mobility devices should remember that Medicare will replace DME or power mobility devices beginning five years from when the device goes into service. Medicare will also replace rented or owned equipment if lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair in an accident or natural disaster.

Power mobility equipment owners or their loved ones and caretakers must maintain their daily transportation device and have it often evaluated for safety and operational reliability before committing to even short trips or lengthy outings. Also, make sure a factory-trained technician confirms that your tires and batteries are up to the task of extended travel. In so doing, you’ll not have to worry about getting to and from volunteering in the community.

The powered scooter has become a life-extending device. Relying upon a powered mobility scooter returns personal independence and builds confidence while enabling social and active lives. Reserve some time this Thanksgiving for not only quality time with your loved ones to confirm their mobility equipment is in tip-top shape for their next errand and beyond.

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